Selena Gomez: I’d love a boyfriend but I’m not looking for the one

Selena Gomez has revealed that she’s not looking for another serious relationship after splitting from Justin Bieber.

The actress broke up from Justin, 19, earlier this year and, because of her high profile, Selena’s cautious about dating again.

The Disney star, 20, says: ‘It makes you more wary sometimes because you don’t know whether they want to get close to you because of what you do or because they really like your company and just want to hang out with you.’

But despite her fears, Selena admits she’d like another boyfriend – though she doesn’t want anything too serious.

‘I’m a big romantic and I want to be very open and trusting but you need to protect yourself,’ the Spring Breakers star tells The Sun.

‘I’d love to have a great boyfriend but I’m not really looking for the one.’

Source: Now Magazine

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