Justin Bieber Uses Ex Selena Gomez As Alibi To Escape Sexual Assault Claims But Fans Aren’t Buying It

Beginning in 2010, every teenager was obsessed with Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez’s romance and was heartbroken when they broke up. The pair had an on again off again relationship until they finally called it quits in 2018. And with recent sexual assault allegations coming to light against Bieber, he is bringing Gomez into the drama to say that she can prove his innocence.

Justin Bieber Says He Was With Selena Gomez The Night Of Alleged Assault

A woman by the name of Danielle took to social media to accuse the singer of sexual assault in 2014 at The Four Seasons Hotel in Austin, Texas. Immediately, Bieber was quick to shut down these accusations and provide evidence that he was never present at this location that night. In doing so, he agitated Gomez’s fans who believe that her name should not have been mentioned when Bieber was making his statements. He posted photos that show the couple walking together down a busy street on the date in question, bringing up memories that Gomez and her fans certainly do not want to relive. This, along with posting an article about the two and how amazing the night was really ticked some people off. But for Bieber, he was using this as evidence.

The singer also attested that he was playing a surprise show that night and Gomez accompanied him there. The pair were staying at an Airbnb because their original hotel reservation was messed up. He posted emails that show that their reservation was messed up, along with an Airbnb receipt. While he may have dined at one of the restaurants at The Four Seasons Hotel, he claims he did not have a room there as the accuser alleges.

Bieber went on to say that he will be taking legal action and maintains that these claims are false.

Twitter Users Felt Like Bieber Should Not Have Brought Up Gomez’s Name

Gomez’s fanbase, the Selectors, sprung into action because they felt like Bieber literally kept mentioning her name to make his side of the story seem more true.


They couldn’t help but mention how in the past, she has opened up about how their relationship led her to experience emotional abuse. “Selena Gomez is now trending at #1 with over 200k tweets because Justin Bieber does NOT know how to defend himself and rather mentally abuse someone that is for once happy again,” said one Twitter user.


Bieber also has spoken out in the past about how he used drugs and alcohol and abused all of his relationships including the one he had with Gomez. Someone pointed out that Bieber was using Gomez as an alibi but was never honest or faithful to her. It seemed liked a contradiction.

One Twitter user said that the only thing Bieber should be doing is “leaving her the f*ck alone so she can heal” instead of name-dropping her in his tweets.


Bieber joins the evergrowing list of celebrities that have been met with sexual assault accusations this past week. Actor Ansel Elgort was also accused of sexually assaulting a teenage girl at the start of his career. Actor Cole Sprouse is also facing sexual assault allegations after a woman came forward saying that the incident happened at a party in 2013.

Sprouse has also said he is considering taking legal action along with several of his other Riverdale co-stars that have recently been accused of sexual assault on social media. Bieber retweeted Sprouse when he posted “False accusations do tremendous damage to victims of actual assault. Furthermore, I would never seek to silence anybody. I encourage that people look into the accusations themselves, as the events detailed were factually untrue.”

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