Why Selena Gomez Skipped The 2020 MTV VMAs

Selena Gomez just released a new song with BLACKPINK, “Ice Cream,” and is days away from launching her makeup line Rare Beauty. But unsurprisingly, the singer opted not to fly out to New York City to attend the 2020 MTV VMAs. Why not? Gomez has no nominations this year, nor is she scheduled to perform at the ceremony.

Gomez has been spending her quarantine in California primarily, although in October, she will likely relocate to New York City to film her new series Only Murders in the Building with Steve Martin and Martin Short for Hulu.

Short told The Daily Beast when work on the project will begin in an interview earlier this month.”It’s supposed to start filming in October, in New York,” he said. “It’s called Only Murders in the Building. And it’s about three people who live in one of those upscale apartment buildings in New York. They see each on the elevator, they kind of nod, but they never really speak. They don’t even know each other’s names. And then you find out that each one of them goes to their individual apartments and just turns on true crime and obsesses. And then one time they’re in the elevator with this fourth person. And they find out that fourth person is killed and they’re determined to solve it. But they make a pact: only murders in the building will they solve. Because they can’t be bothered to go outside.”

Gomez, by the way, opened up to Zane Lowe on Apple Music this week about how her summer has been going in quarantine, taking in everything happening to the country amid the Black Lives Matter movement, ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and upcoming election. “It’s definitely been hard, and I know that it’s been harder on others, so there is this consciousness that I have for what’s happeningm” she said. “I feel like, in general, it’s been a lot to carry, but I have been hopeful throughout this whole process, and that’s been very important to me, releasing things right now that feel good. As far as summer, me and my friends are testing it all outside. We’ve made our own kind of summer, the people I’ve quarantined with, so we for sure make it what we can.”

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