Selena + Chef S4 – Malibu House Tour

Selena Gomez is showing off her new digs for season four of Selena + Chef. 

Gomez, 30, welcomed cameras into her Malibu beach house, which will serve as the backdrop for the upcoming season of her HBO Max cooking show.

The house might look familiar to some viewers as it was featured in the Disney Channel show Hannah Montana as Miley Cyrus’s character’s family home, a rep for HBO confirmed to PEOPLE.

In the clip, the Rare Beauty founder explains that she wanted to go to Malibu because it’s one of she and her friends’ “favorite spots,” but they “never get to spend time here.”

“It’s been pretty much a dream being here,” she says as she walks into the home’s living area, which she calls “kind of the headquarters of the house.”

In the room, there is a circle of green chairs that make up what the star has dubbed the “talking circle” and sits just next to the massive windows that look out onto the beach and Pacific Ocean beyond.

Gomez is also sure to show off a very unique feature: her “okey-dokey jar,” which she explains is where she has to drop a dollar every time she says the phrase “because it’s lame.”

While showing off the home’s open-plan kitchen, she explains that because it’s not her primary home’s kitchen it has “been interesting getting to know it.”

The “Who Says” singer then revealed the cameras that are set up around the room, including a go-pro mounted above the stove to capture everything she has cooking. She explains that this camera is helpful when the chefs she’s working with are dialed in via video call, instead of present in the actual space with her, so they can see how everything is coming out in real time

The kitchen is also rigged with plenty of studio lights which Gomez says is great for TikToks and selfies.

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