How Selena Gomez Came up With Her New Serendipity Ice Cream Pint: ‘I Had a Sugar Overload Day’

The flavor, inspired by her new single “Ice Cream” with BLACKPINK, is a pink vanilla ice cream with crunchy cookie bits and gooey fudge

What better way to celebrate Selena Gomez’s new song “Ice Cream” than with a pint of her very own ice cream?

The singer, 28, partnered up with ice cream brand Serendipity to release her own premium pint: Cookies & Cream Remix. Creating the gourmet treat, which was inspired by Gomez’s new single with girl group BLACKPINK, was a “dream moment” for Gomez as she’s been going to Serendipity, the New York City restaurant featured in the John Cusack movie by the same name, with her mother for years.

“When I was younger, I would do everything my mom did, so I watched all the movies she did,” Gomez, who also invested in the brand, tells PEOPLE. “Of course I fell in love with Serendipity. I had gone there before that, but my mom showed me the movie after and then it became a tradition of ours. We always go there. It’s so cute, quaint and it’s just adorable.”

The Selena + Chef star is a sweets fanatic, as was evident when she gave fans a look inside her freezer in a recent Instagram Reel. “I have always stocked up [on ice cream],” she says with a laugh.

To determine what her pint would be, Gomez kept her freezer filled with different flavors to make sure hers was unique. “I had a sugar overload day — me, and my friends did,” she tells PEOPLE. “We were trying different things, and I loved how certain flavors would combine.”

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After testing out countless combinations, the resulting pint is a dreamy pink vanilla ice cream filled with crunchy cookie bits and swirled with gobs of gooey fudge. “The ingredients make me really happy,” Gomez explains. “[Serendipty] made one and split it in half to show me how much of the flavor was inside. I was so impressed.”

Cookies & Cream Remix pints will be available at grocery stores across the U.S. starting Friday, Aug. 28 for $5.99. Or you can purchase the ice cream online at Gomez and BLACKPINK’s “Ice Cream” is also out Friday on all streaming platforms.

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