Selena Gomez’s Makeup Artist Melissa Murdick On How Her ‘De Una Vez’ Rare Beauty Look Came To Be

Melissa breaks down the role Selena played and how you can recreate the look: “[It’s] actually super easy!”

Selena Gomez’s soft, romantic makeup in her “De Una Vez” video was made using Gomez’s Rare Beauty line, of course, and came together through a collaboration between Gomez and her longtime makeup artist Melissa Murdick. “Selena has an eye for beauty, obviously, so I typically approach her with some of my own ideas—thank goodness for Pinterest boards—and see what input she has from there!” Murdick says.

For “De Una Vez” specifically, Murdick pulled runway images from Dolce & Gabbana spring 2014, Alexander McQueen’s spring 2016 runway, and more as the two pinned down the final look. “Selena’s look was meant to be a bit romantic,” Murdick said. “I wanted her to look very beautiful and feminine to match the overall feel of the video. I love how it all came together!”

Gomez is fearless when it comes to trying different types of looks, one of Murdick’s favorite things about working with her. “What a kind, funny, smart, and inspiring person she is!” Murdick said. “Not to be corny, but I just adore her. She’s also totally unafraid to try new things, so we get to create so many fun looks together.”

Below, Murdick, who’s also worked with Billie Eilish and Doja Cat and runs The Pretty Fix, a makeup tutorial site for transgender folx, breaks down how to do Gomez’s look yourself (“This look is actually super easy to recreate at home!”). Here’s the step-by-step and the exact products Murdick used on Gomez. You can watch Gomez explain how to create the look below too:

How to Create Gomez’s Look:

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