DJ Snake Teases a ‘Selfish’ New Collab With Selena Gomez

DJ Snake and Selena Gomez made fire with “Taki Taki, “their 2018 smash with Ozuna and Cardi B. Now they’re “selfishly” circling back for more.

thumb Selfish Love thumb Selfish Love thumb Selfish Love thumb Selfish Love

On Thursday (Feb. 25), the pop queen and the French producer teased their incoming single “Selfish Love” with a clip of themselves as video game characters. Soundtracked by “Taki Taki,” the video picks up where the video for that song left off, with the pair breaking off from Cardi and Ozuna and levitating to the top of a volcano, into which Gomez throws a glowing pink heart.

What does it mean? We’ll find out when the song drops March 4. Undoubtedly, both are hoping the song reaches the heights of their previous collab, which hit the billion-plays mark on Spotify in June. Watch the teaser for “Selfish Love” below.


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