A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Selena Gomez’s New Rare Beauty Campaign With Petra Collins

Since launching Rare Beauty last September, Selena Gomez has inspired a makeup movement, one built on individuality and self-love in equal parts. “Everything that we do encourages you to wear makeup however you want while letting your uniqueness shine through,” says the triple-threat performer of her mission.

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Over the past few days, the beauty brand’s Instagram account, which has garnered more than 2 million followers, has been teasing a new drop of its lush yet natural-looking makeup offerings with feverish reception. So, what’s in store? The new spring collection, launching with a striking campaign starring Gomez and lensed by her frequent collaborator Petra Collins—debuting exclusively here.

“Both Sel and I love creating images together. We find great comfort when I’m behind the camera and she is in front,” Collins tells Vogue of the pair’s pared-back approach to many of their collaborations, from Gomez’s “Fetish” music video to this latest project. “Naturally, it is a vulnerable experience for both of us. We decided to play into that experience and shoot the most stripped-down we could.”

In the campaign, entitled “Stay Vulnerable,” Gomez’s glowing complexion is enhanced by diffused monochrome touches of color; her lids shaded in burnt red pigment with blush-swirled cheeks and balmy pink lips. “I wanted to do my own makeup for the shoot,” explains Gomez. “I wanted to capture the soft, flushed look we get when we feel the most vulnerable, and I wanted the images to capture that essence.”

In behind-the-scenes footage, which shows Gomez being snapped by Collins as disco track “More, More, More” by Andrea True Connection plays in the background, the close friends’ connection is clear. “When I create work, I am the most vulnerable,” explains Collins of the importance of openness and intimacy when photographing her subjects. “It’s where my heart lies. I believe it’s my truest form of self, it’s the space in which I can express the most. I think vulnerability is key in making art. If you aren’t vulnerable in the making and open to anything, then what is the point?”

It’s a similar story for Gomez, who seeks to bare her most-authentic self for her friends and fans alike. “Embracing my vulnerability has been a journey; it’s something that I view as a strength now,” she explains. “It takes courage to share your heart, and I think that should be celebrated. Being vulnerable is important to everything I create because it ensures I’m sharing my authentic self and staying true to my vision.”

The Rare Beauty spring collection launches on January 7.

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