The Vamps has recently joined up with Selena Gomez for her ‘Stars Dance’ tour and here’s an interview of the band speaks out having Selena onboard with them during the tour and how she is like.

So it’s not as glamorous as your childhood expectations would have you believe?
Bradley: “Well if you go on to Selena Gomez’s tour bus, hers is glamorous. There’s a double bed in the back and a bath! You’ve got to work for that.”
Tristan: “I can’t imagine when driving, having a bath though. The water would go everywhere.”

Is Selena as lovely as we imagine her to be?
Bradley: “She’s a really nice girl.”
James: “I was petrified about meeting her. It was like walking over to the headmaster’s office.”
Bradley: “When we went in she was lovely. She was quite quiet if anything.”

How did the support show go in the end?
Bradley: “It was awesome. It was a younger audience than usual. Not that we have a really old audience! It was so much fun, because we hadn’t really played to a Selena audience before – we hadn’t covered her. People were up on their feet, so it was great.”

The Vamps’ new single ‘Can We Dance’ will be available to download from September 29.