THR + IGN Interviews Selena & Ethan Video + Highlights

The Hollywood Reporter has recently sat down with Selena Gomez and Ethan Hawke while they were promoting “Getaway” in New York City.

Selena was asked about what she learned from Ethan while filming this movie.

“I loved actually being able to hear Ethan talk about things he had gone through because obviously he’s been doing this for a while. So, when we’d go to dinner or he would tell a quick story, I loved seeing how he’d react to what he had gone through or how he had handled it,” Gomez said. “I obviously learned a lot and was very doey-eyed. It was fun.”

Selena was asked about her own production (July Moon Productions) that was founder by her and her mom.

She told THR that the business is”going very well,”.

“My mom and I actually sold our first project, which is exciting. It’s fun to be able to kind of do things from scratch,” she said. “My mom would read a couple of books and she’d send them my way and then we’d figure out how to get the rights to them and then we’d get to pitch our own things…It’s really an opportunity to make what we want to make and it’s very rare to do.”

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