Selena Gomez Responds to That Kanye West Lyric about Taylor Swift

Selena Gomez has responded to Kanye West’s already-notorious Taylor Swift lyric.

“Everybody has their own opinion,” she said during an interview on SiriusXM. “At the end of the day, you can just do what you do. She’s killing it and she kind of always has been.”

“You can just do what you do” is probably the most diplomatic possible pop star response to this drama. It’s defending Taylor without saying anything about Kanye, and also without saying anything at all, really. This is actually a more poised response than almost anything we heard at the GOP debate last night, so maybe the candidates could take a lesson from Selena.

Selena joins Gigi Hadid, who tweeted: “My attendance somewhere does not mean I agree with everything being said in the music playing there. My friends know of my loyalty,” after her appearance at Yeezy Season 3.

Presumably, the other members of Taylor’s squad will come out vaguely defending her in the next couple days. Expect potential quotes from pretty much every famous young woman except Katy Perry.

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