Watch Selena Gomez Decide Which Friends Character She’s Most Like

Selena Gomez is totally a Rachel!

While promoting Hotel Transylvania 3 alongside co-star Andy Samberg, E! News’ Jason Kennedyput both celebs to the test with a set of rapid fire questions put together by Selena’s “best friend.”

Things got off to an admittedly rocky start when the pop star was asked to name her best friend, despite Jason not revealing which of her pals came up with the questionnaire. “We go through seasons,” Selena shared, “but I would say Raquelle.”

The 25-year-old is talking about Raquelle Stevens, but it was actually fellow bestie Courtney Barry who put Selena on the spot!

But when asked to assign her squad to characters from Friends, Selena totally nailed it.

“Courtney would be Monica, I would be Rachel, Raquel would be Phoebe, you would be Ross,” she told Jason, adding, “You’re like the dad!”

It’s no surprise Gomez would pick Jennifer Aniston’s beloved character from the hit ’90s sitcom, because the pair is super close IRL!

To hear more from Selena and Andy, including their favorite foods and ideal day off, press play on the video above!

Hotel Transylvania 3 hits theaters July 13.

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