Watch Selena Gomez Deal With a Zombie Invasion in the First Trailer for The Dead Don’t Die

The first look at Selena Gomez’s highly anticipated return to film just came out this afternoon. Gomez shared the first teaser trailer for The Dead Don’t Die, the zombie comedy she shot with Austin Butler, Luka Sabbat, Bill Murray, Adam Driver, Tilda Swinton, and Chloë Sevigny last summer in upstate New York. “New film from Jim Jarmusch. June 14th—can’t wait. #TheDeadDontDie,” she wrote in her Instagram post.

Gomez also shared the film’s official poster on her Instagram Story shortly before she shared the teaser:

From the teaser footage, it looks like Gomez plays a concerned young woman whose town is suddenly overtaken by a zombie uprising. Her character, Zoe, seems to be the type of horror film heroine who takes the outbreak more seriously than other people around her. Since this is just a teaser, ahead of the film’s June release, glimpses of Gomez’s character are relatively limited. But what seems clear is that, while the movie has horror elements, it’s still a comedy—so, anything but your regular scary movie:

Gomez hasn’t been able to say much about her role yet. Last August, she shared some personal photos from her time on set, along with shots of herself at a diner in the area. She captioned that series of images “randoms and film.”

Gomez’s involvement in the film was initially confirmed when paparazzi shot photos of her on set last summer. This is Gomez’s first movie role since she played the role of Lisa in the historical film In Dubious Battle in 2016.

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