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One comment

  1. Hello dearest Selena Fans,

    So about a year ago I had a random dream I was on a date with Selena Gomez. We were sitting at a fancy candle lit dinner. I was in a suit and tie, she was in a black dress. I don’t know what we said or even what we were talking about but I remember her distinctive laugh and blush. Her eyes squinting as she covered her mouth with her hand as she laughed.

    I woke up and wrote a poem.

    Now please understand I’m not a stalker or creep at all because to be honest I couldn’t name a single song she sings or what movies or tv shows she’s ever been in.

    I only know 2 things about her. One, She’s successful and 2, she looks like a down to earth girl I would ask to dinner.

    Oh and I know she dated beiber at one point.
    But anyways…

    here’s what I wrote after my dream.
    Not necessarily to her because I don’t know her at all. But definitely inspired.

    “Girl you got a hold on me
    Controlling me so subtlety
    Is this what loves supposed to be?

    Everywhere she goes it’s like she owns it.
    My heart and my mind she controls it.
    The world is her runway.
    She’s so bad
    Going to church every Sunday.
    With a smile that can save the world.
    You know what? You should be my girl.
    So come on over lets have a movie night.
    Pillow to your face I’ll start a pillow fight.
    1+1 baby it’s simple
    I just wanna see you show your dimples.

    I know it sounds cheesy
    We can be like Kim and yezzy
    Bound 2 fall in love. Uh huh honey.

    Your life is going hectic let me help with that.
    Take a chill pill here you can wear my hat.
    You got steez so you flip it to the back.
    If you kiss me for sure I’m gonna kiss you back
    You don’t have to get dolled up
    Wanna play one on one?
    You’ll get balled up.
    Haha I’m playing I’ll let you score a few.
    Treat you like my queen that’s what I’m gonna do.
    You ain’t gotta worry, i got your invitation
    You been sittin’ right there, real patient

    I’m sorry if this is too simple.
    But I just wanna see you show your dimples”

    Corny and dumb I know but I think this meant something. God wouldn’t have blessed me with this dream for nothing. I’ve had other dreams but this one is different. This one is special.
    An epiphany.

    I had to share this and wanted to know what you thought as her dearest fans. Please share this. I’m hoping Sel gets to read this and possibly have this dream come true.

    Thank you
    -Steven Adam

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