Selena Gomez worries about her young fans watching Spring Breakers

Selena Gomez has admitted that she worries her young fans will “sneak in” to cinemas to watch new film, Spring Breakers.

Speaking of her worries to The Hollywood Reporter, about the Harmony Korine-directed flick, Gomez said: “There’s gonna be the intrigued pre-teens that are gonna want to sneak in and see the movie, and that’s obviously something I can’t control.”

She added: “[I can] definitely warn them as best I can, but the movie is rated R, and it’s kind of a given when you see the trailer that you should be old enough to see the movie.”

Gomez stars as one of four college friends who turn to crime in order to fund their spring vacation, a role which she had previously described as completely different from her previous work.
The former Wizards Of Waverley Place actress also revealed that Franco’s turn as seedy drug-dealer Alien also “creeped” her out on set because the Oz The Great And Powerful actor kept in character between takes.

Spring Breakers will be released in the UK on April 5.

Source: Glamour Magazine

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