Selena Gomez Will ‘Blossom’ Into ‘New J.Lo’ On New Album

Selena Gomez is only days away from taking the stage at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards. And in addition to getting “earthy” for her first-ever TV performance of “Come & Get It,” she’s only one season away from dropping her 2013 album release.

Gomez is slated to give fans her album this summer and Jason Evigan, who worked with Gomez on the release, is giving MTV News some juicy details about it.

“Her album’s really cool. It’s a really strong dance record and it’s really cool actually. I think it’s going to take her to the next level too,” said Evigan, part of the production team the Suspex. “All the stuff I’ve heard has been really, really cool. She’s got some really cool like ethnic influence, kind of tribally dance drums and stuff like that. I kind of feel she’s going to be like a new J.Lo kind of thing.”

Evigan worked on several tracks on the album, including the previously leaked “Rule the World,” as well as another song billed as “Save the Day.” “She’s not a little girl anymore. She wants to be like that and be respected like the great pop artists out there,” he said. “And I think she is. I think this album is really gonna blossom her into a new realm of electronic pop dance artist.”While fans got an early taste of “Rule the World” (the leak left Evigan “disappointed”), they have yet to hear “Save the Day.” And, Evigan notes that’s going to be quite the jam. “Jennifer Lopez wanted [it] really badly. It’s like real. It’s like really cool up-tempo,” he said. “It’s about like kind of ‘[Let’s] dance all night. Let’s save the day. Let’s go into the next day. Let’s keep it going all night’ type of thing.”

Until Gomez drops her album, Selenators and movie lovers can check out her performance of “Come & Get It” at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards on Sunday when she takes the stage in Culver City.

Source: MTV


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