Selena Gomez Takes Comfort in Rare Beauty’s First Fragrance and Body Launches

Everything Selena Gomez currently has on her agenda is coming up roses. This morning, almost simultaneously, the actor-singer-entrepreneur learned that she was nominated for a Golden Globe for her role as Mabel Mora in Only Murders in the Building and dropped her newest collection from Rare Beauty.

But back to the roses. The movie room at Fouquet’s is serendipitously painted a very specific shade of muted pink—maybe I’d call it soft rose—that perfectly matches the packaging of “Find Comfort,” a four-piece collection made up of a Body Lotion, Hand Cream, Aromatherapy Pen, and Body and Hair Fragrance Mist. “I find this color comforting,” she shares. “We didn’t paint the walls to match, it just happened.”

This isn’t the star’s first time to enter the fragrance world (cue Selena Gomez Eau de Parfum by Selena Gomez, which launched more than a decade ago) but akin to the rest of the line, it’s not your traditional approach to beauty.

“Coming up with the scent was really fun,” Gomez says. “I wanted it to be like what it’s like to have a nice hug, from me!” with a laugh of the scent behind the products, which was made with Jérôme Epinette (who also recently blended the Pleasing perfumes for Harry Styles). The duo leaned into notes of tonka bean, soft jasmine, and smooth cashmere wood to capture the experience—and hugged after chatting, as if solidifying their success.

“I find comfort in creating rituals,” Gomez shares, sharing her specific one for the Aromatherapy Pen. First, she disperses a pump or two of the product onto her hands, rubbing them together, then “putting a little bit on my chest,” right above her heart. Then breathe.

Uniquely, the body products come with massage protocols created with an occupational therapist that incorporate the bottles as tools. They were also designed to be easy-to-open in an attempt to make beauty routines more accessible for all.

Gomez as been a transparent advocate for mental health since the launch of her brand in 2020. Take Comfort, naturally, continues with that messaging. “It’s important to take a moment out of your day to find comfort,” Gomez said at the end of the conversation. “That can be in friends, a phone call, a moment to yourself, or maybe you’re taking a break on social media. I think that stuff’s really important to do for yourself, so it just made sense.”

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