Selena Gomez Is ‘Stoked’ to Be Part of Coca-Cola’s Share a Coke and a Song Campaign

Selena Gomez, who is a self-confessed fan of Coca-Cola, says it was an incredibly easy decision for her to get involved with the company’s new Share a Coke and a Song campaign.

“When you have somebody call you and it’s something that you’re obsessed with and they want to put your work [on it]? … That is so crazy. I was stoked,” Gomez says. “So yeah, [it was a] no-brainer for me. And I can’t wait. My nana is freaking out. She already requested all of the bottles to put all over the house.”

Share A Coke and A Song: Drinks Giant Adds Lyrics to Cans for Multi-Platform Campaign

Lyrics from two of Gomez’s songs – “Love You Like a Love Song” and “Me & the Rhythm” – will be featured on packages of Coca-Cola products nationwide throughout the summer. The two tracks are among the 70-plus tunes that are part of the campaign.

Gomez says the brand is “iconic” and that she’s participating in the campaign because of a real affection for Coca-Cola. “I try to be an authentic as possible with everything I do, so nothing is forced.”

Shazam has also teamed with Coca-Cola so consumers of the Share a Coke and a Song products can have a deeper interactive experience with the song and its performer.

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“You actually can grab a Coke bottle and you put up the screen onto your Shazam app and then it comes up what the actual song is, which I think is insane,” says Gomez. “And then you can lip-sync and create these cool videos.” Those videos can then be tricked out with filters and add-ons, and shared on social media.

The Share a Coke and a Song promotion launched in April, and, in addition to lyrics from Gomez’s songs, features other memorable lyrics like “We Are the Champions,” “Put a little love in your heart,” “Always on my mind” and “Lean on me.” (Even “All I do is win” is amongst the selections.)

#ShareaCoke is back this year, this time with lyrics! Have you found my @CocaColabottle yet?

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