Selena Gomez Plans Hot ‘Scary Movie 5′ Date

Who needs a boyfriend when you have an awesome best friend? Selena has a pretty great date for ‘Scary Movie 5′ — the star of the movie!

Sorry, Justin BieberSelena Gomez already has plans! The “Come & Get It” singer made plans to have a Scary Movie 5 date night with BFF Ashley Tisdale!

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Selena Gomez Leaned On Ashley Tisdale During Justin Bieber Breakup

Ashley has been a such great friend to Selena! When Selena was going through her break up with Justin, she leaned on best friend Ashley for support! After Selena broke up with Justin on Dec. 15, Ashley invited Selena to her production company’s Christmas party to cheer her up!

Selena Gomez Throws Post-Justin Bieber Party With Ashley Tisdale

On March 24, Selena threw a party at her house with Ashley and some other friends, but Justin wasn’t invited!

Ashley brought a bottle of fancy lemonade for the party, which appeared to be a birthday celebration. Photographers snapped pictures of other friends arriving at Selena’s house with snacks, cases of beer, balloons, and gifts.

A birthday wasn’t the only thing the girls were celebrating, Selena’s film Spring Breakers first weekend at the box office was a surprising success! Although the film had a small release, it raked in $4.5 million in ticket sales!

We love that Ashley is such a great friend to Selena!

Source: Hollywood Life

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