Selena Gomez Partners with Our Place for a New Collection of Bold Kitchenware

A portion of proceeds from the collaboration with benefit the star’s Rare Impact Fund.

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Since 2019, Our Place has made a name for itself as a cookware brand to watch. Their viral Always Pan has become an Instagram-friendly kitchen staple of foodies everywhere—with actress, pop star, and mental health advocate Selena Gomez being no exception to the fanfare.

Now, Gomez has partnered with the brand to add two new items to their Everyday Essentials Collection. Standout pieces such as the Perfect Pot and Knife Trio will now come in two new Selena-selected hues, an electric blue shade called “Azul” and a lush berry pink dubbed “Rosa”. While the collection is sure to add a vibrant pop of color to anyone’s home kitchen, the launch has a charitable aspect as well. 10% of proceeds from the new collaboration with benefit Gomez’s Rare Impact Fund, the nonprofit affiliate of Selena’s beauty brand, Rare Beauty, which is committed to expanding mental health services for young people.

“It’s been such a joy working with Selena. Having binge watched her HBO Max home cooking show Selena + Chef, I loved how she approached cooking as a way to learn and connect with others. We wanted to have fun with this collection and encourage others to do the same in the kitchen,” Our Place founder Shiza Shahid tells “Working with Selena was a dream come true. Her dedication to working on mental health issues, her genuine passion for home-cooking, and her love for her family and friends —who joined her on the set of the Our Place shoot—made everything about the collaboration so authentic and joyful.”

For Shahid, teaming up with Gomez was a no-brainer. Both women share an inherent belief that cooking helps connect people with their heritage and has the power to bring family and friends closer together.

“People have come to love Our Place for our work in inclusion, representation and making cooking easier and more joyful, but there are so many people who are yet to be introduced to our mission, and we’re excited for this partnership to help us to bring more people into the Our Place community,” adds Shahid. “As a brand that’s only two and half years old and created from a very personal place, it means so much to us to partner with someone like Selena, who has had such a huge impact in the world and who is so aligned with our mission and values. There will be even more to come!”

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