Selena Gomez On Rare Beauty’s New Spring Items And Embracing Her Natural Beauty

“I wanted the brand to be there for girls and guys and whoever to feel like it’s okay to not look like everybody else.”

As the temperatures drop outside, Selena Gomez’s Rare Beauty line is looking ahead to warmer days—and the essential new additions coming in its spring collection. For the first time since Rare Beauty’s launch, Gomez got to take reporters through the year-old line’s new products and share her makeup hacks during a press day in New York City last month.

She wasn’t afraid to get personal, candidly speaking about how being famous so young affected her mental health and relationship with beauty. “I’ve been in makeup since I was seven years old. I feel like that kind of messed with me,” she said. “You’re so young and then working. I have professionals doing my makeup and suddenly I can look 25 when I was 16, and it was crazy,” the former Disney star recalls. “Then I felt like, ‘oh, I look too young all the time. I should achieve that look more. I should try that.’ It just made me question my beauty for what it was.” Gomez says that when conceptualizing Rare Beauty she wanted to create a brand for those who have had similar self-doubt about their appearance.

“I’ve been a victim to wanting to change my face and do things because I see such like intense trends,” she continued. “I think the most rewarding part of creating this line is that we create a place for people who don’t necessarily want to get work done or change their face. They just want to embrace what they are and what they have.” Gomez emphasizes that this was a very important part of the brand’s DNA from its inception. “Even if you do like to wear more makeup, even that will kind of work with what my brand,” she says, explaining that Rare Beauty’s versatility represents “a kind of mind, body, and soul” beauty experience. “That’s why I wanted the brand to be there for girls and guys and whoever to feel like it’s okay to not look like everybody else.”

This spring, Rare Beauty will offer up more tools for people to create the looks they want for themselves. The collection’s new additions include bronzer sticks, new liquid blush colors, setting powder, and additional brushes to make makeup application even more seamless. Beyond that? “Obviously, future products that are coming that I can’t talk about that I wish I could, will also kind of bring up the element of being a little bit more creative with your makeup,” Gomez said.

The singer broke down the thought behind each new product in Rare Beauty’s spring line and also touched on secretly testing products while shooting Only Murders in the Building. She also shared the makeup tricks she’s learned from her years working with professionals.

Always an Optimist Soft Radiance Setting Powder
Always an Optimist Soft Radiance Setting Powder

The brand’s forthcoming setting powder was inspired in big part by the Rare Beauty community, Gomez said: “We like to listen to the consumers, so one of the biggest requests was a loose powder. So for me, I know that this is an important tool for people who love the full coverage look.” She says that the setter goes over makeup lightly, and doesn’t take away the light sheen that she prefers her skin to have. “I don’t personally like powdery makeup looks, but that’s no offense to anyone. It looks great on other people, but for me, I love keeping things fresh and dewy but also not look oily,” she says. “So this was the perfect mixture of coverage but being light and flexible as well.”

Always an Optimist Soft Radiance Setting Powder will also come out online on December 25 at 9 P.M. PT and in stores on December 26.

Soft Pinch Liquid Blush in New Three New Shades
Soft Pinch Liquid Blush in New Three New Shades

Gomez is expanding one of the line’s most popular products and giving fans three new dewy shades to play with: Hope (nude mauve), Encourage (soft neutral pink), and Believe (true mauve).

“When we created all the products we only hoped for the best and we didn’t know what the favorite would be,” Gomez started. “So when this hit the shelves, and we saw the reaction, we were so excited because it is super pigmented. It’s all just so easy to wear and it makes me feel alive.” With Soft Pinch being such a big seller Gomez created three additional warm tones, all on the nude side. “Which I like, even if it’s a darker nude,” she adds. “I think that’s kind of what we wanted spring to feel like—to have a little extra boost. We obviously haven’t had these colors before. I’m really happy.”

Soft Pinch Blush Brush
Soft Pinch Blush Brush

Gomez made a point to get skin tones right for Rare Beauty’s first-ever bronzing stick. “I am very much about inclusivity, I can’t have 12 bronzing sticks,” she told reporters. “So the most challenging part about doing this was creating the right tones for each skin tone. You can apply it obviously by rolling it on, [but] I love to use my blush brush. It’s kind of slanted and it just gets a lot of that product in.”

Finding the right color takes a little experimentation, Gomez said: “It’s just one of those [products] that you kind of have to play with, but it’s really fun and it’s so easy to apply, it melts [in]. It’s not like sticky or hard. It just feels so easy.” Gomez purposely tests to make sure her makeup doesn’t come off on her hand—something the bronzer, which blends effortlessly into skin and turns into a soft powder once applied, doesn’t do.

The Warm Wishes Effortless Bronzing Stick and Soft Pinch Blush Brush both come out online on December 25 at 9 P.M. PT and in stores on December 26. A dome-shaped brush, the Always an Optimist Powder Brush, is also coming out then.

Gomez also cued us into her blush-wearing hack: applying the color higher on the cheekbone. “My makeup artist always taught me to put blush more up as opposed to here (center of cheeks), it allows your cheekbones to look a bit more structured.”

The new Soft Pinch Blush shades come out on December 9 online and in stores at Sephora. For a first look at the new shades of the blush, the Rare Beauty team is hosting an exclusive shopping event on TikTok on December 10 at 10 A.M. PST/1 P.M. EST.

In addition to breaking down the line’s new products, Gomez detailed how she tests them and more of her best makeup tricks.

On testing Rare Beauty on Only Murders in the Building:

“We did use on Steve [Martin] and Marty [Short], the foundation. We didn’t have any of the other stuff available,” Gomez stated, noting they shot the show almost a year ago. But with season 2 now filming, Rare Beauty will be used and tested more on set. “My makeup artist is the same one I worked with on season one, I told her about all this stuff and she already has it, and we’re excited to start season two,” Gomez said. “So yeah, it’ll be fun.”

“As far as testing, yes, I 1000% wear my products,” she added. “I also give them to my friends. So I want them to try it. I have all kinds of friends that love big and dramatic or less or barely anything. I like to listen to their feedback a lot.”

On her unconventional makeup tricks:

“I’m really bad at this [picking out favorite beauty trends] because I go on TikTok, but I look at the ones where they’re like put a strip of pink on your face, and I’m like blown out of the park,” she admitted. “What I love to do is I use things like my blush for my eyeshadows, for my blush, and even just a little bit on my lip. So I love to do things like that with my products.”

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