Selena Gomez Didn’t ‘Dwell’ On Justin Bieber Recording New Album

Selena Gomez is keeping it light on her new album, set for release this summer. So if you were expecting to hear a lot of heartbreaking references to her relationship to Justin Bieber, think again.

Gomez made it clear during the recording process that she wanted to keep the subject matter upbeat. Jason Evigan, one half the production team the Suspex, opened up to MTV News about working with her on the album, including the leaked “Rule the World.”

“She didn’t really want to talk about the Justin stuff too much in her music,” he said of the MTV Movie Awards performer. “She didn’t want to bash him. She never wanted to write songs about him.”

Fans assumed she was singing about her former flame on “Rule the World,” but it was not Gomez’s intention whatsoever. “And I think that’s why it’s funny ’cause even the song ‘Rule the World,’ it sounded like afterward, it sounded like it was written about that. And I think she was upset about it because she didn’t want to write a song about ‘You broke my heart.’ She’s empowering,” he said. “She wants to be empowering for these girls not to dwell on guys when guys break your heart. She’s super uplifting, positive, amazing person who’s, spiritually, she’s really strong. And she’s a really cool girl. I think she’s gonna have a great year for her.”Evigan is not only helping Gomez transition into the next stage of her career, but also fellow Disney star Demi Lovato, working with her on single “Heart Attack.” He broke down what it’s like to have to hit the studio with these artists in their post-Disney days.

“It’s hard because you want to write songs that 15-year-old girls are going to still like, but you want to write songs that girls in college and people who are in their twenties are going to like still,” he said.

“So those are the hardest songs to write because they can’t be too cheesy but they can’t be too serious.”

Until fans get to hear Gomez’s album in full, they can prepare for it by checking out the 2013 MTV Movie Awards on April 14, where she will perform her Stargate-produced lead single, “Come and Get It.” She recently released the lyrics from the release, on which she gets flirty and sings, “I’m not too shy to show you I love you/ I got no regrets/ So baby whenever you’re ready/ When you ready come and get it.”

Just days before Selena takes the stage at the Movie Awards, she will premiere the song on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show April 8.

Source: MTV

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