Studio Albums

Year Album Released Label
2009 Kiss & Tell September 29, 2009 Hollywood
2010 A Year Without Rain September 21, 2010 Hollywood
2011 When the Sun Goes Down June 28, 2011 Hollywood


Year Title Album Certifications
2009 Falling Down Kiss & Tell n/a
2010 Naturally Kiss & Tell
  • US: Platinum
  • CAN: Platinum
2010 Round And Round A Year Without Rain n/a
2010 A Year Without Rain A Year Without Rain
  • AUS: Gold
2011 Who Says When The Sun Goes Down
  • US: Platinum
  • AUS: Gold
2011 Love You Like a Love Song When The Sun Goes Down
  • US: 2x Platinum
  • AUS: Gold
  • SWE: Gold
2012 Hit the Lights When The Sun Goes
  • n/a
2013 Come And Get It n/a
  • n/a

Music Videos

Year Title Director
2008 Tell Me Something I Don’t Know Unknown
2009 Falling Down Chris Dooley
2009 Naturally Chris Dooley
2010 Round and Round Philip Andelman
2010 A Year Without Rain Chris Dooley
2010 Un Ano Sin Lluvia Chris Dooley
2011 Who Says Chris Applebaum
2011 Love You Like a Love Song Germany Jasper & Georgie Greville
2011 Hit The Lights Philip Andelman
2011 Hit The Lights (Night-Time Version) Philip Andelman


Year Title Shows
2009 Selena Gomez & the Scene: Live In Concert 19
2010-11 A Year Without Rain Tour 18
2011-12 We Own the Night Tour 60

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