Orlando Bloom and Selena Gomez All Over Each Other in Las Vegas


Orlando Bloom and Selena Gomez found love in the club — for at least one night — when things got VERY physical in Las Vegas, and TMZ got pics of the hookup.

It went down Friday night at Light in Mandalay Bay — Selena had the after-party for her Vegas concert there, and sources in the club tell us Orlando was a surprise, late addition to the party … and made a major impression when he got there.

We’re told things got very “touchy feely” quickly before 23-year-old Selena and 39-year-old Orlando started neck-nuzzling and embracing in a booth. However, we’re told Selena absolutely went back to her room alone.

Sooo … about Katy Perry. Far as we knew, she and Orlando were still together — they were spotted together at a Met Gala after-party last week. For what it’s worth, Katy was at a Renaissance Festival Saturday in Cali.

This has kinda been 2 years in the making — Selena and Orlando denied anything was going on when we saw them at a 2014 concert — shortly after his breakup with Miranda Kerr, and one of her splits from Justin Bieber. And remember, Bieber was rumored to have hooked up with Miranda.
Final plot twist — Miranda was also in Vegas Friday night … at Selena’s concert.

Source: TMZ

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