Kim Kardashian Will Introduce Selena Gomez’s ‘Come & Get It’ Performance At The 2013 MTV Movie Awards!

The 2013 MTV Movie Awards are just a few days away! And we’ve been finding out SUCH GOOD ISH over the last few weeks, like who’s nominated for “Best Musical Moment” (obvs our favorite category), and that “Pitch Perfect” funnygirl Rebel Wilson will host the show! But wait, here’s the best thing we’ve heard in a minute: Kim Kardashian, aka one-half of Kimye and, will be presenting at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards! And not just presenting… she’ll be INTRODUCING Selena Gomez’s live performance of “Come & Get It”! WE’RE NOT WORTHY! And we haven’t been this excited since we heard about Kim and Kanye’s little ‘Ye-to-be!

So, not only will Kim Kardashian introduce Selena Gomez’s breakout performance at the Movie Awards (and likely spark a “Hunger Games”-esque force field of beautiful, dark-haired CELEBRITY AWESOME in the process), but there’s more: did you forget thatMacklemore & Ryan Lewis are also performing at the Movie Awards? So great! But wouldn’t it be even greater if Kim, Macklemore, AND Selena got up on stage together? And if Kanyejoined them? Whew, OK, taking it down a notch — we promised we wouldn’t get too ahead of ourselves.

Don’t forget to watch the 2013 MTV Movie Awards, airing this Sunday, April 14 at 9 p.m. ET!

Source: MTV News

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