Justin Bieber’s Mom Still Loves Selena Gomez & Spoke To Her After Split

Justin Bieber, 19, and Selena Gomez, 20, had a pretty rough breakup, but Justin’s mom Pattie Mallette only has great things to say about her!

“[Selena’s] a sweetheart. I’ll always love and respect her. Whatever Justin chooses, obviously, it’s his life. I’ve talked to her [since the breakup],” Pattie revealed on Access Hollywood.

Although Justin and Selena may not be on the best terms right now, we think it’s so great Justin’s mom is so loving towards Selena!

Since Justin and Selena’s breakup, Selena has taken a few public digs at Justin, including dissing him on The Late Show with David Letterman. It’s obvious from Justin’s recent behavior that he’s hurting too, but he’s not taking his anger out on Selena.“[Selena’s] been bashing him, but Justin has ordered everyone around him not to fight back,” a source revealed to RadarOnline.com. “He told his friends and everyone else about Selena, ‘she’s off limits.’ He told everyone to leave her alone.”

The source added, “He doesn’t want to fuel the fire and he just doesn’t want it to be that way with her. ‘I don’t want anyone saying anything negative about her,’ is what he told his pals.”

Could Justin’s kindness towards Selena be a sign he’s hoping for reconciliation? We know his mother is definitely hoping so!

Source: Hollywoodlife

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